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Vaccines anywhere for everyone

  • Flexible, equitable mobile vaccine clinics at no cost to the patient

  • Adaptable clinics that fit the needs of the local community

  • Experienced public health professionals who provide a safe and welcoming environment

We can coordinate a pop-up clinic:

- In response to an outbreak

- At special events

- For uninsured populations

- At schools

- Anywhere!

Interested in learning more or scheduling a clinic?

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Why work with ColoVAX?

  • Flexibility: We bring vaccines where they are needed. We can adapt and scale clinics to fit the needs of the population and can organize a clinic anywhere.

  • Equity: We provide an environment where everyone feels safe and welcome regardless of age, race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, literacy, access to transportation, or access to the internet.

  • Quality and safety: Our team of public health professionals includes experienced, diverse staff. Our process includes routine quality checks to ensure staff provide safe, high-quality care. We use pharmaceutical grade portable coolers and freezers with DDLs for VFC-approved safe transport.

  • Fear-free, friendly experience: We know vaccines can be scary! Our team is committed to ensuring a fear-free, non-judgmental environment.

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Contact Us

2373 Central Park Blvd Suite 100
Denver, CO 80238

(720) 316-9482

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